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Debunking Travel Advisor Myths | Sojourney Travel

Debunking Travel Advisor Myths | Sojourney Travel

Have you ever wondered what travel advisors actually do? Have you heard mixed reviews on why you should or shouldn't use a travel advisor for your next vacation? In this blog post, we’ll debunk the common misconceptions about travel advisors and explain why you should be using one for your next vacation.  

Myth #1: Travel Advisors are expensive to use. It would be cheaper to book a trip myself. 

This is perhaps the most common assumption we hear people make when it comes to travel advisors. Every travel advisor is an independent contractor that chooses how to operate their business – this means that some will charge fees for their services, while others will send you a complimentary proposal. This is often based on individual business practices, the level of work or customization that goes into a proposal, and the specific services offered.  

While travel advisors may or may not charge fees for their services, they often have access to exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions that can save travelers money in the long run regardless of the service fees. Plus, when you book directly online, you are often already paying for a travel advisor – even if you aren’t using one! Every wholesale travel supplier builds a commission into every sale and they either keep it when you book direct, OR they pay a small business to take care of you. When you opt to use a travel advisor instead, you can help keep your money local! AND the prices that our advisors have access to typically either meet or beat the ones you find online. 

Additionally, the expertise that a travel advisor offers can help clients make informed decisions, avoiding costly mistakes. Travel advisors bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Between their own travel experiences, industry insights, and continuous training, you are not just asking someone to “plan a trip,” you are recruiting someone to be your advocate before, during, and after travel. 

Myth #2: Travel advisors plan “cookie-cutter” trips. 

Every trip a travel advisor plans is customized to fit your unique needs. Travel advisors can plan anything from a simple beach vacation that is close-to-home to a multi-stop European trip that lasts weeks. Travel advisors serve as diligent listeners so that they can be your researcher and advocate, ensuring that every aspect of your journey aligns with your preferences, interests, and budget. Travel advisors thrive on diversity and creativity and have a wide range of industry connections to ensure that your trip is anything but ordinary.  

Myth #3: I should only use a travel advisor if I’m planning a complicated trip. 

Like we just mentioned, travel advisors excel at managing even the most complex trips. However, it is a common misconception that this is the only time you can benefit from having a travel advisor. Travel advisors can simplify the simple, saving you both time and money. They can secure exclusive amenities, suggest unique activities, and often provide cost-effective solutions that you might not find on your own. If you just need lodging, that is okay, too! Travel advisors can handle the little details to ensure your check-in process is a breeze. 

Myth #4: Travel advisors only care about making a sale.  

For travel advisors, the true reward lies in crafting unforgettable experiences and ensuring their clients return with cherished memories. Nothing makes a travel advisor happier than hearing positive feedback and seeing photos of their clients enjoying their vacation. A travel advisor can sell many trips, but a true measure of success is hearing that those trips exceeded their clients’ expectations.