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Lightning Lane - Disney World

Lightning Lane - Disney World

Written By Dannielle Puckett, Travel Advisor | Disney Specialist



*Updated Nov 2023

Hi friends!

If you have’t heard, a Lightning Lane is a queue (or line) available at select attractions and experiences. Guests can purchase access to Lightning Lanes to save time in line.

First off, remember that you don’t have to purchase Lightning Lanes at all. There will still be a standby line for every attraction. 

There are 2 ways to purchase and book arrival windows for Lightning Lane entrances, and each option offers a different set of experiences to choose from! (You can purchase both or just pick one.) Both options are able to be utilized when park hopping too.

The options are called:

  1. Genie+
  2. Individual Attraction Selections

Let’s look at these options in detail. (Are you a auditory learner? Listen to me explain Lightning Lanes on my Facebook page.)


  1. Cost varies and is purchased per person/per day. (Usually $17-$35)
  2. Includes Lightning Lane entrances that are available at more than 40 attractions and entertainment across all 4 theme parks.
  3. May be purchased in the My Disney Experience app on the same day of your visit as a single day use.
  4. Same day purchasing will open at midnight on the day of your visit.
  5. You can book the next available arrival window for your first experience via the My Disney Experience app beginning at 7:00 AM on the day of your visit.
  6. Only one selection can be held at a time, in most cases.
  7. Once you’ve redeemed your initial selection (or the arrival window has passed), you can make another selection using the app, up to park closing.
  8. There is an exception to the one at a time rule, with the exception being when a guest’s next selection time window is more than 120 minutes away. In that case, Disney Genie+ will allow a second selection to be held.
  9. Also includes access to Disney PhotoPass Lenses – Access special Disney PhotoPass Lenses for your mobile device, allowing you to explore magical new augmented reality effects starring some of your favorite Disney characters.
  10. Also includes Audio Tales – Discover the parks in cool new ways through fascinating fun facts and behind-the-scenes insights you can listen to during your visit.

Individual Attraction Selections

  1. For some of the most highly demanded attractions Disney will offer Lightning Lane entry as an "á la carte" purchase.
  2. This option will be available for all Guests—with or without Disney Genie+ service and lets you choose a time to arrive at up to 2 attractions each day (booked one at a time).
  3. Pricing and availability will vary by date, attraction and park. Be sure to check the My Disney Experience app on the day of your visit for current prices and attraction availability. Most likely prices will be higher on weekends and holidays. 
  4. Purchase via the Tip Board in the My Disney Experience mobile app on the same day of your visit. 
  5. Disney Resort Hotel guests get an early booking perk! These Guests can make their first purchase starting at 7:00 AM on the day of their visit. All other Guests can make their first purchase when the park opens.

Addressing a few questions:

  1. Will we be able to use the Lightning Lane to ride our favorite rides over again? Genie+ will NOT give you access to a Lightning Lane more than once per day on any given attraction. If you want to ride an attraction again, you will need to get in the standby line.
  2. Can I pick my return times (like I did with FastPass+) with Genie+, or is the next available time my only option? With Genie+, the next available time will be your only option. With Individual Lightning Lane purchases, you will be able to choose from several available time slots.
  3. How many Lightning Lane attractions will I be able to access per day with Genie+? Based on comments by Disney representatives during the media briefing, it seems they anticipate that guests will be able to secure an average of 8 Lightning Lane attractions per day. (11/15/21 update: I recently used Genie+ at the Magic Kingdom as was able to use it on 11 attractions.) (June 9, 2022 update: Now Disney is telling guests to expect being able to book 2-3 lightning lanes per day.)
  4. Will I be able to modify my selections? You can not modify Individual Attraction Selections, but you can modify Genie+ selections from within the app.
  5. What about DAS? Check out this post!

Confused yet? Maybe this product guide will help. (above) You an also check out these great videos on the Walt Disney World website. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/genie/get-started/ I know it’s a lot to comprehend, but the good news is that we do have more options now. This past summer was rough, standing in line was the only option. I feel good about the flexibility that these new services will give us!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to contact me using the contact link at the bottom of the page.

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Dannielle Puckett, Travel Advisor | Disney Specialist

Dannielle has been a lover of travel her whole life. From family ski trips in Canada and the US, to adventurous deep sea fishing and lobstering in the Florida Keys, her love for travel never stops. Since having children of her own, she has fallen in love with the magic and wonder that Walt Disney World Resort vacations bring her family. She is always planning trips for herself, family, and friends and now is excited to help YOU plan your next Disney or Universal Vacation.

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