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Love at First Flight

Love at First Flight

Valentine’s Day is a day where we show our love and appreciation to those in our life – whether it be a romantic partner, a mentor, or a friend. We often see stores lined with vibrant hues of red and pink with teddy bears, chocolates, cards, and flowers readily available. Among these usual ways of showing love, it's also worth considering how you can extend your gratitude to someone who may not be on the typical Valentine's Day recipient list – your travel advisor.  

Leave a Positive Review 

Positive reviews can attract more clients and boost the reputation of a travel advisor – especially one who is just starting out! Many travel advisors love receiving reviews on their social media platforms, travel agent site, or Google. If you’ve received amazing service from a travel advisor before, be sure to ask them how you can leave a review. 

Word of Mouth Recommendations 

When you hear about someone trying to plan their next getaway, be sure to drop your travel advisor’s name in the conversation. Referrals carry a lot of weight when they come from friends, family, and colleagues, and they’re an easy and free way that you can help grow someone’s business. 

Engage with us on Social Media 

Another way to support your travel advisor is by following them on social media platforms and engaging with their posts. By engaging and sharing their content, you are helping to increase their online visibility and showcase their services to new audiences. Facebook even gives you the option to invite your friends to like a page, which is a huge way that you can boost someone’s following.  

Share your Vacation Pictures 

Have you ever walked into a proud parent’s home and seen their child’s artwork plastered all over the fridge? When you share your photos with a travel advisor, it is a similar feeling of pride! When a travel advisor plans a trip, they do not see the fruits of their labor immediately. Oftentimes, a trip is planned months in advance and an advisor lives in anticipation of the moment that their client finally gets to see a new destination for the first time. Nothing makes a travel advisor happier than seeing their client’s smiling face and knowing that they had a good time! 

Your travel advisor loves having you as a client. A simple gesture of thanks can go a long way in showing your travel advisor that you also love having them as an advisor. This Valentine's Day, make your appreciation for your travel advisor a part of the celebration!