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Make the Most of Your Visit to California Wine Country - part 2

Make the Most of Your Visit to California Wine Country - part 2

Written By Lori Stephens

5. Learn to Swirl. Swirling allows the wine to aerate, bringing out its full fragrance. Hold on to the bottom of the wine glass and swirl five to eight times. After swirling, sniff and take your first sip.

6. Spend time talking with your sommelier. Wine can be more fun when you know the story behind the bottle, so ask your sommelier. They love wine and are happy to share and educate. Not only can they share about the specific location at which they work, but they can also let you know the best wineries and restaurants in the area.

7. Hit pause on the wine clubs. Every vineyard and winery you visit will try to sell you a membership to their wine club. Take the information home with you. You will still be able to join after you have returned home from your vacation if you’re still interested.

8. Budget for wine tastings. Tastings can run anywhere from $20 to $50 per tasting. Prices can go higher if you choose to elevate your experience with a class or food.

9. Don’t wear fragrances. Wine is first “tasted” by the nose. It will be impossible to appreciate the aromas of a wine if there are heavy smells of smoke, cologne, or perfume in the air.

10. Have fun! Wine tastings are social, fun events, not tax seminars. Smile. Laugh. Swirl. Sip.

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Lori Stephens - Owner & Travel Advisor

Lori Stephens:

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