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My Sojourney Story:  Janet Carter

My Sojourney Story: Janet Carter

Tell us a bit about yourself. Why did you become a travel advisor?  

I truly believe in the importance of travel. Travel allows us to relax, spend times with the ones we love, make lifelong memories, and experience this beautiful world we live in! I love being able to help others achieve all of those things! 

What do you enjoy most about being a travel advisor?  

I love hearing about the memories my clients made during their travels & being able to help make their dreams a reality! 

What destinations do you specialize in, and what draws you to those particular places?  

I specialize in cruises, weekend getaways, and all-inclusive resorts. I also love putting together custom itineraries for clients all over the world. 

Is there a moment from your travels that has impacted the way you approach travel advising?  

I always tell my clients that I wouldn't put them somewhere that I personally wouldn't go to or stay at. 

What advice would you give to travelers looking to plan their next vacation?  

I always booked our family's vacations myself, never realizing the help that a travel advisor can provide. Even if I wasn't a travel agent, I would always utilize one going forward. The knowledge that an agent can provide, and the amount of time it saves in the planning-is truly invaluable! 

What do you enjoy most about working with clients to plan their trips?  

Travel is a dream, it is not merely getting from point A to point B. I love working with clients to create a custom trip that truly includes their wants and dreams. 

Can you share a memorable travel experience or a unique destination that left a lasting impression on you?

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved everything Paris! Getting to actually go there and see it in person, was a dream come true! My favorite moment--was sitting under the Eiffel Tower at night with a glass of champagne in hand-watching it twinkle. Truly a "I must be dreaming" moment! 

What destinations or experiences are on your personal travel bucket list?

Well--as a travel agent, we get to dream about destinations all day long! My bucket list is constantly growing, but my main destinations are Italy, Greece, and the Seychelles. 

What is a fun fact about you that your clients may not know?  

My husband and I are currently doing a "Major League Ballpark Quest". So far we have visited 6 out of 30 ballparks, and will be adding two more this year (maybe more). It has been such a fun activity to do together and explore new cities- all while taking in America's greatest pastime!