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Thirsty Thursday - Dirty Banana

Thirsty Thursday - Dirty Banana

Written By Lori Stephens

This Thirsty Thursday is brought to you, again, by Sandals Resorts and their AMAZING drink line up. The Dirty Banana is a guest favorite and if you don't want alcohol, it'll be like a banana/chocolate milk shake with a splash of rum flavoring. SUPER yummy! Trust us. Try it! Make sure your bananas are good and ripe!

Lori Stephens - Owner & Travel Advisor

Lori Stephens:

Lori is a lover of all things travel and has been involved in the travel industry since 1998. After helping Sojourners as a travel advisor for years, Lori opened her own agency in 2021 so that she could still create a community of like-minded travel lovers that also helps others find their passion and dream in a new and exciting career.

Yes, she still sells travel! She LOVES helping her clients make memories! But she also loves helping her team learn, grow, and change their lives by serving others through travel.

Lori is a wife to an amazing man (our IT guy) and is the mother to 6 brilliant and beautiful children.