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Top 3 Fall Vacations You Need to Consider

Top 3 Fall Vacations You Need to Consider

Written By Lori Stephens - Owner & Travel Advisor

The summer crowds have thinned, and the weather is gorgeous. If you still have vacation days calling your name, Fall is the perfect time to take a vacation! But where should you go?

Here are our top three destinations for Fall 2023.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is great for so many things. Sweater weather, scarves, and coffee. Need we say more? If the cool weather hasn’t already sold you, consider that Seattle has great landmarks, attractions, and more than enough quirks to keep you interested and active.

Pike Place Market and the Museum of Pop Culture are excellent places to start your vacation. At these locations, you can see everything from fish throwing to a visual history of Hip-Hop. Pike Place Market is known as the “Soul of Seattle.” Starting in 1907, this nine-acre destination in downtown is one of the oldest and longest-running farmer’s markets in the United States. Not far away, you’ll find blobular architecture which is the Museum of Pop Culture. MoPOP is like no other museum on Earth. Hands-on experiences, iconic artifacts, and ever-changing exhibitions all add up to an experience unlike any other.

Adventurous travelers will enjoy Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

A short hike will take you into some of the most magnificent scenery in all of Washington state. To see as much of the fall foliage as possible, a driving tour of the park would be ideal.

If you like quirky and off the beaten path locations, you’re in the right spot. Visit the “Troll Under the Bridge” found in the Freemont neighborhood. The hands of this giant sculpture hold a VW bug, as if it had just plucked it from the street above. If you find yourself near Pike Place Market and you enjoy the smell of mint, stop by The Gum Wall. This unexpected and colorful display will either have you giggling or standing in complete disgust. Either way, it definitely ranks high on the “quirk” factor.

We recommend planning your trip for September or early October as the weather is perfect and the rains haven’t yet started.

Munich, Germany

Visiting Munich in the fall allows you to catch the golden glow of the city, highlighted by the changing colors of the trees.

Determined to get your daily steps in? Climb St. Peter’s Bell Tower. Your 299-step climb will be rewarded with the best view of Munich’s Old Town. If you’re going on the weekend, plan to get there early as it can become crowded.

Munich’s palaces invite exploration on crisp Autumn days. Visit the Nymphenburg Palace (pictured above) which was a summer getaway residence for monarchs. Neuschwanstein Castle is another good option. You will be in awe of its splendor and will immediately understand why it was the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle.

Oktoberfest! Munich is home to the largest Volksfest in the world. The beer-fueled festival is over 200 years old and features regional delicacies. There are also traditional dancing and musical performances throughout the two-week-long celebration. The main areas can get a little rowdy at times. Check out the Oide Wiesn area for a more sedate and traditional experience.

Oxford, Mississippi - The University of Mississippi

ESPN named Oxford, MS the best college town in the United States for good reason. Be sure to visit when the Ole Miss Rebels are playing football at home.

You’ll be engulfed in southern hospitality when you pre-game in The Grove. The Grove, complete with majestic oaks and sprawling spaces in the middle of campus, is famous for its tailgating. If you’re expecting to find hot dogs cooked by people in denim shorts, think again. Here, people pull out all the stops and their fine china and silver for the occasion. Floral arrangements are taller than the coeds in dresses and heels. As a visitor, you’ll be welcomed into tents decorated in red and blue. Keep an eye out for the Zebra tent. It may be the most extravagant of them all.

Bibliophiles will feel welcome here also. Rowan Oak served as William Faulkner’s home and much of his inspiration for 40 years. After looking through the museum you can stop by his grave. It’s tradition to bring Four Roses, his favorite bourbon, and take a shot if you go. Then it’s off to Square Books to find limited edition and signed copies of literary works of art.

You might be surprised by the food scene in Oxford. It is now a hotbed for incredible restaurants thanks to John Currence, a James Beard award-winning chef. City Grocery, Boure, Big Bad Breakfast, and Snack Bar are all excellent choices. Another fantastic option can be found about 20 minutes outside of town. Found in a turn-of-the-century building, Taylor Grocery has been serving melt-in-your-mouth catfish since 1977.

If all of this has you dreaming of dusting off your traveling shoes, give us a call.

We would love to help you “fall” into a great vacation.

Lori Stephens - Owner & Travel Advisor

Lori is a lover of all things travel and has been involved in the travel industry since 1998. After helping Sojourners as a travel advisor for years, Lori opened her own agency in 2021 so that she could still create a community of like-minded travel lovers that also helps others find their passion and dream in a new and exciting career.

Yes, she still sells travel! She LOVES helping her clients make memories! But she also loves helping her team learn, grow, and change their lives by serving others through travel.

Lori is a wife to an amazing man (our IT guy) and is the mother to 6 brilliant and beautiful children.