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Unico 20°87° - Resort Review | Honna Rogers

Unico 20°87° - Resort Review | Honna Rogers

Before I became a travel advisor, I reached out to Sojourney Travel to receive assistance with planning a birthday celebration. The whole experience was wonderful from working with a travel advisor to first stepping foot on the resort property. Unico 20°87° provided the ultimate relaxing experience for me and my husband and left so much of an impact that I now actively recommend this resort to my clients. 

First Impressions  

My initial impression of the resort is that it was smaller than many in the area, resulting in it being easier to navigate and less crowded, and that it had a very clean aesthetic. Despite its smaller size, Unico 20°87° offers amenities that have a huge impact on a guest’s experience. Upon arrival, you are matched with a local guide who can offer advice and make recommendations. This local guide also manages all your dinner reservations, ensuring that you can spend less time planning and more time relaxing. 

In addition to a local guide, there is an app that enables you to make special requests. The various app features allow you to truly custom tailor your vacation to your liking. Examples of requests that can be made in-app include selecting extra pillows that match your preference of firmness, selecting your favorite drink so your room is stocked with a mixology kit, and even selecting a time for a bubble bath to be drawn. This app allows you to make requests no matter where you are in the resort, ensuring that you can spend as much time as possible enjoying the pool while everything else is taken care of behind the scenes.  

The Pools 

There were five total pools at the resort, providing a great mix of atmospheres. Two of these pools served as the main pools and buzzed with activity throughout the day, offering a diverse range of recreational options. At these pools, guests could engage in anything from water aerobics to dance lessons. To make the experience even more memorable, they even featured movie showings from the pool. For those that preferred a more laid-back ambiance, there were 2 quiet pools, and a fifth pool boasted exclusive offerings for members. 

The Food 

I can be picky when it comes to food, so please take my word for it when I tell you that the dining options at Unico 20°87° are amazing. The onsite restaurant options include Japanese, Mexican, and Italian. There is truly something for everyone, regardless of culinary preferences. Not only is the variety exceptional – all of the dishes are made with high quality ingredients. In addition to restaurant options, there are rotating food and beverage carts that come around the pool area. My personal favorite was the mimosa cart with a variety of freshly squeezed juice options. The onsite mixology classes also taught me how to make a great margarita! 

The Spa 

Unico 20°87° places relaxation at the top of the priority list. The smaller layout of the resort creates an easy path to any amenity that you could need. Pools, bars, restaurants, and spas were all easy to locate and created an environment where you could easily choose something new to do. The spa facilities offered a wide variety of treatments that you could choose from. Additionally, you could use their hydrotherapy circuit complete with sauna and cold plunge. My husband and I both enjoyed our first spa treatments so much that we booked another day for treatments. 

Overall, this resort serves as the perfect option for those seeking a mix of celebration, relaxation, and personalized service. A visit to Unico 20°87° is one that you will be sure to remember! Ready to plan your relaxing Unico getaway? Schedule a call with me or reach out to our team of experts today!