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Unleash Your Inner Kid at Nickelodeon Punta Cana   Allyson Chitwood

Unleash Your Inner Kid at Nickelodeon Punta Cana Allyson Chitwood

If you have small children, particularly if they love Paw Patrol and other Nickelodeon characters, this resort is definitely for you! I stayed there for 4 nights in late April of 2024, and I would highly recommend visiting at this time of year if you are able to travel then. Late April to early May are perfect, as they are after the spring break rush but before school lets out for summer. The resort was nowhere near capacity and pricing seemed to be relatively low compared to other times of the year. The weather was warm, but not too hot, and generally pretty (with the occasional rain shower thrown in).  

What makes it great? 

Literally every aspect of this resort is tailored toward families with small children. From the menus at restaurants (lots of options, even for picky eaters) to the child-sized lounge chairs at the water areas to the many small play areas scattered around the grounds, everything is meant to keep the children engaged, happy and active. Karisma resorts has introduced an Autism Passport program, which has included employee training, certifications and a revamp of resort procedures and offerings with the goal of making sure that every guest feels welcome and supported. The staff at this resort absolutely go out of their way to do anything they can to make sure that both parents and kids have the best possible experience. I personally witnessed restaurant staff members stepping in to redirect pending toddler meltdowns at dinner; a lifeguard at the pool letting a lounging mom know that her infant was awake from a nap in their stroller and upper management stopping to inquire with parents about their stay while waiting for a character appearance (these happen several times every day). 

Who might NOT want to visit?

If your child has outgrown Paw Patrol, there might not be much there for them. This is definitely a resort for YOUNG children. The resort has a great “water park”, but even that is clearly meant for younger children only. Older kids might spend a few minutes in the lazy river, but that’s about it for the water park as the slides and climbing areas are definitely for smaller sized humans. Parents are NOT allowed to climb up with their kids, as we witnessed lifeguards cautioning multiple parents to stay off the play equipment. Older kids will likely enjoy the swim up rooms, if you choose to book one of those, and the sports area. 

In short, if you’re a young family looking to travel somewhere that caters to toddlers to early elementary aged children and their parents, this could be a great place for you! The beach is expansive, the infinity pool has a swim up bar that is definitely popular with parents, and your kids will love everything about this resort. Rooms are large and nicely appointed for families, and there are some great food options (we especially loved the coffee/pastry/ice cream shop, the Italian restaurant and the burger truck). If this sounds like somewhere you need to try, I’d love to help get you there! Reach out to me or your advisor today!