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What is Collective?

What is Collective?

If you have followed us on social media for a while, you may have seen a thing or two about Collective. You may be wondering – what is Collective? 

Each year, our advisors gather for what we jokingly call our “family reunion,” but in reality, Collective is an exclusive gathering of Sojourney Travel Advisors. At this event, our advisors take part in workshops, mentorship, and networking opportunities to further enhance the offerings that we provide to our clients.  

Why is Collective important?

Collective provides our advisors with the opportunity to have collaborative discussions with our suppliers. During this event, we’re able to learn about new destinations, advocate on behalf of client concerns, and gain valuable industry insight that we can use to further create dream experiences for our clients. 

A Recap of Last Year 

Sojourney Travel’s 2023 Collective included workshops, training sessions, and networking opportunities with suppliers such as Sandals, Royal Caribbean, Delta Vacations, Virgin Voyages, Ama Waterways, and more. These workshops delved into various aspects of travel, including destination insights, client experience enhancement and emerging trends in the industry. 

In addition to the opportunity to have discussions with suppliers, we also did a deep dive into social media best practices and had a session discussing the importance of mindset when building a business. Attendees had the chance to learn from these suppliers, as well as our agency mentors, and share experiences with colleagues. The event ended with a celebration of advisor achievements throughout the year. 

What is Next? 

Preparations for next year’s event start almost immediately after the present year’s event has concluded. Collective weekend is highly anticipated and is something that our advisors look forward to all year, with many of them arriving a night early to have a dinner with one another. This year’s event will take place June 22nd and 23rd in the Covington, GA area. The event will include supplier presentations, a supplier trade show, a mindset class with Lori Nordstrom, a social media class with Heather Bowman, trivia and games, headshots, an awards ceremony, and an opportunity to give back.


The theme of this year’s Collective event is “Beyond Boundaries,” which thoroughly describes Sojourney Travel’s mission to go above and beyond for clients. Starting on June 22nd, our advisors will embark on an exciting day filled with networking and learning opportunities. The morning will kick off with an insightful presentation by AMA Waterways. As the day progresses, attendees delve into a trade show where they can engage with industry experts.  

After a lunch break, Sojourney Travel advisors will dive straight into the afternoon activities. The afternoon will be brimming with diverse sessions, including trivia, a captivating presentation by Celebrity Cruise Line and a deep dive into social media with Heather Bowman. This day’s training sessions will conclude with Delta Vacations before we have another trade show. Finally, we’ll celebrate our agency’s collective successes with an awards ceremony before participating in a give-back opportunity. 

Top of Form 


After Saturday’s excitement sets a lively tone for what is ahead, we will regroup on Sunday morning, where things will kick off strong. Virgin Voyages is set to present on their innovative product, and immediately afterwards we will participate in another industry trade show where we can pick supplier’s brains. Shortly after Lori Nordstrom will give a lesson on mindset – which is a topic we dive into frequently within our agency. 

The day will continue with a presentation from Hyatt All Inclusive’s, followed by a game. Arch Roamright will then dive into their travel protection options. We’ll also talk spotlight Europe with Sojourney Travel Advisor Ashley Switzer before having a technology session with Judd Stephens. 

Overall, Collective is an event where our advisors can gather, learn more about their craft, and share tips on how to best serve clients. Our advisors go above and beyond, even dedicating one of their summer weekends to continued education. Want to learn more about working with one of our dedicated travel advisors? Reach out to us today!