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Darrell & Rhonda Broom

Certified Charter Travel Advisors

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Darrell & Rhonda Broom

Certified Charter Travel Advisors

Rhonda and Darrell Broom’s affinity for travel started at a very young age. Their love of travel came from times they experienced going to the beach or camping with their parents or grandparents, creating memories they cherish even today. As Rhonda and Darrell have gotten older, that love of travel has grown with every adventure, every moment shared with loved ones, and every experience they have enjoyed. They have love cruising, all-inclusive vacations, and trips to Universal. They were fortunate to meet and marry one another…and what joy that they both love to travel and getaway!

Rhonda and Darrell have been married 23 awesome years and have 4 great sons. They have also been blessed with the opportunity to open their home as foster parents to several boys and girls. They currently live in Bunnell, Florida and are loving the beach life. They can’t wait to help other families make their travel dreams come true!

Awesome cruise!

"Rhonda is so pleasant to deal with. She is always kind and courteous and answers any questions I have in a timely manner. I have recommended Rhonda to friends."


May 2023

Chattanooga, TN

"Pleasant, professional and easy to work with."


June 2023

Best Trip Ever

"Went on a cruise to the Caribbean, it was planned great and it was very fun!"


June 5, 2023

Wonderful Advisor

"Rhonda is an awesome advisor! She made sure all the details of our trip were perfect!"


June 4, 2023

THE person you want when planning your next trip

"Rhonda is an amazing agent to work with when planning any trips. Taking the stress off of having to pick and choose what to do and just letting her work her magic goes a very long way!"


June 4, 2023