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Sojourney Travel is looking for the creme de la creme! Besides being able to assist the adventurous traveler, Sojourney advisors must be organized, tech-savvy, and an eager self starter.
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Our advisors make the most of the time and effort they put into their business by curating custom vacations that enrich the lives of their ideal client.
If approved, you'll take our quick General Knowledge Quiz. Don't worry! It's open book!


General Knowledge Quiz

We are committed to give our clients the vacation of their dreams. Sojourney Advisors ALWAYS go the extra mile and provide concierge level service.
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Tech Quiz

Planning vacations is a lot of fun, but there is also real work involved that requires commitment and determination to your clients and their travels. We're looking for advisors ready to conquer the challenge and rise to the top!
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Teams Interview

If you are prepared and committed to take your love of travel to the next level of excellence by becoming a professional travel advisor, let's have a "face to face" interview with our Management Team. Don't worry! We're not scary.

Our Advisors Say

Find out why our advisors prefer us over others!

"Coming from one National very large host agency, I was concerned I wouldn’t have the same caliber training and support. Boy was I wrong! It’s all that and more with a hometown community feel, helping each other serve our customers best."


Tiffiney Love

Travel Advisor

"I’m in my second year with Sojourney Travel. I love that we are a team, that we help each other, pray for each other, and that we celebrate each other’s successes. Managment is always here for us. They go above and beyond in every way – always gracious, always looking out for us!"


Dannielle Puckett

Travel Advisor

"Having been with Sojourney since May 2021, I feel I have found my home. We are a family that laughs together, cries together, and weathers storms together. The level of support both from management and fellow advisors is incredible."


Ruth Ann Horst

Travel Advisor

"I am in the middle of my second year with Sojourney Travel. I have had many sales positions in my career. Hands down this company has the best environment to succeed. We are a TEAM in every sense of the word. We may be in sales with each other but we inspire each other not compete. Everyone builds each other up. We encourage and cheer all our success and listen and share whether we have a rock or a pebble. I knew I made the right choice when I decided to join ST but after going on a few FAM's I have heard alot of other Travel Advisors talk about the big box companies they chose and how they felt "on their own". People say that if you see a thriving company it’s because it starts at the top and trickles down. You will not find a better mentor for this industry than Lori. We are all a reflection of her and our admin team. They lead with integrity and professionalism. This is a place where I can make travel dreams come true for my clients!"


Gloria Stancil

Travel Advisor

"I love how Sojourney feels like a boutique experience for the agents as well as the clients."


Lesley Busbee

Travel Advisor

"Having the background of an advisor with another large agency and now working 'behind the scenes' with Sojourney Travel, I can honestly say that we're just different. The comraderie, the training, the entire company works together. We always say 'Rising tides raise all ships' and we truly mean that. We're working TOGETHER not competing against one another and that is the key!"


Christy Bates

Marketing & Training Manager

"As a new travel advisor, I find that all of the advisors in our Sojourney Travel team give each other tremendous support and encouragement. I’ve learned that each of us work together and lean on each other’s talents to ensure that our clients are well taken care of."


Irene Liberatore

Travel Advisor