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Written By Dannielle Puckett, Travel Advisor | Disney Specialist

Genie+ works best when you can book experiences that are in the near future. You can get more reservations when you do that because as soon as you use one, you are able to book another.

Sometimes you may choose not to use that method, or sometimes you can’t book rides in the near future because there isn’t availability. That’s when “stacking” comes into play.

Stacking utilizes the 120 Minute Rule which allows you to book another attraction even if you haven’t used the first one you booked. You just have to wait 120 minutes from the time you booked your last attraction. Also, keep in mind that the park has to be open for the 120 Minute clock to start ticking.

So let’s see what that may look like for an evening at Hollywood Studios. These times are random in order to just give you an idea of what could happen. Remember that you don’t actually get to choose your times. The Tip Board will always show you the “next available” return time. You have to look for rides that are returning later times, or wait until the are returning later times.

7AM: Book Slinky Dog Dash for 4PMHollywood Studios officially opens at 8AM - clock starts ticking!10AM: Book Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster for 5PM12 Noon: Book Tower of Terror for 6PM2:00 PM: Book Toy Story Mania for 7PMNow you have a nice evening lined up for Hollywood Studios! You may have even been able to book an evening Individual Lightning Lane for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance - giving you a total of 5 experiences stacked!

Reasons you may want to utilize stacking:

  1. Maybe it’s your arrival day, you are still traveling, but want to prepare for an evening in the park.
  2. Maybe you went to somewhere else that morning. You could visit Disney Springs, spend the morning by the pool, spend the morning at another park (if you have a park hopper ticket).
  3. Or maybe you did go to Hollywood Studios, but have only been watching shows and seeing characters up until this point.
  4. You can also use stacking if you leave the parks for a midday break. Just book an attraction as you are leaving the park and then set a 2 hour timer. Keep booking evening attractions for your return to the park.

There are a lot of reasons you might utilize stacking!

The key is that you have to wait until the Tip Board is returning afternoon/evening times for the experience you want to book. You are trying to get Genie+ return times that are all in the evening so that late in the day you can zip through the Lightning Lanes, avoiding almost all waits and having a grand time.

You can even book attractions in multiple parks if you have a park hopper ticket. Just make sure to allow yourself enough time to get from one park to the other.

If you want to sleep in a little, and aren’t trying to book an experience that sells out quickly, just start booking when the park opens because that’s when the 120 Minute Rule starts. You will still end up with the same about of selections in the end. I just don’t recommend doing that if you are trying for a really popular ride because it might be unavailable to book by the time you get up. Of course, you could take your chances and utilize my favorite Genie+ tip, the Refresh Trick.

I hope you found this post helpful. Happy Stacking!

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Dannielle Puckett, Travel Advisor | Disney Specialist

Dannielle has been a lover of travel her whole life. From family ski trips in Canada and the US, to adventurous deep sea fishing and lobstering in the Florida Keys, her love for travel never stops. Since having children of her own, she has fallen in love with the magic and wonder that Walt Disney World Resort vacations bring her family. She is always planning trips for herself, family, and friends and now is excited to help YOU plan your next Disney or Universal Vacation.

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Dannielle is a blessed wife and mother to four amazing children.

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