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Disney Genie+ Tips and Tricks

Disney Genie+ Tips and Tricks

Written By Dannielle Puckett, Travel Advisor | Disney Specialist

Disney Genie+ Tips and Tricks that YOU NEED TO KNOW!

(Don’t know what Genie+ is? CLICK HERE to find out.)

  1. You can buy Genie+ as early as midnight on the day you are visiting the park. Definitely make the purchase prior to 7am so you will not be delayed in making your selection.
  2. You can make your first Lightning Lane selection at 7am
  3. Set an alarm so you will not miss your MUST HAVE attraction
  4. You do not have to be in the park to make selections
  5. You can book your next return time as soon as you tap into your current return time.
  6. Some attractions have two tapstiles and you won’t be able to book your next ride until you tap twice
  7. You can tap in to your attraction up to five minutes early or 15 minutes late
  8. CLICK HERE to find out what you should do if your selected return time is more than 2 hours away
  9. Be careful about those selection times, they can actually change between the time you click Book Experience and the actually booking page.
  10. You can only use Genie+ on an attraction once per day, but you can hop in the standby line if you want to ride something again.
  11. Some popular rides run out out of reservations! ( CLICK HERE to find out which ones are likely to become unavailable.)
  12. Genie+ can be used for park hopping too. You’ll need to let Genie know that you plan to hop. At the bottom of your My Day page, you'll find a button that states “Plan for Your Next Park.”
  13. You can start making selections at the next park before you hop
  14. Genie+ is most useful at the Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, so if you are on a tight budget choose those two parks
  15. You can’t modify Genie+ Lightning Lane reservations, but you can cancel and rebook them
  16. If you miss a reservation window you will lose out on your opportunity to use Lightning Lane on that attraction because of the no re-ride rule, so canceling is better than missing.
  17. You can separate your party and book different attractions for different people
  18. You can overlap Genie+ reservations with Individual Attraction Selections (which are a separate purchase)
  19. Do not cancel your reservation If an attraction becomes Temporarily Unavailable. . If it’s down during your return time, you will probably get an “anytime” pass to be used at your leisure throughout the day - YAY!
  20. Slinky Dog Dash and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure are currently the most in-demand Genie+ Lightning Lane attractions.
  21. Shows are not a good use of a Genie+ selection
  22. You will likely need an external battery charger to keep your phone powered throughout the day
  23. MY FAVORITE TIP: If you refresh the Tip Board, you may see a better return time! If you are searching for a particular attraction, tap “edit selection” and remove everything but that attraction. Keep refreshing for the WIN!!! Here’s a HOW TO VIDEO for this tip!
  24. THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP: Get familiar with the app before you go! There is a learning curve to Genie+, and it’s an investment that you will not want to waste. Read my other blog posts on How to use Genie+, understanding the 120 minute rule, Genie+ Priorities, and How to stack Genie+ selections. If you still do not understand, contact your travel agent for some additional guidance.

I hope these Genie+ tips help to make your vacation more magical!

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Dannielle Puckett, Travel Advisor | Disney Specialist

Dannielle has been a lover of travel her whole life. From family ski trips in Canada and the US, to adventurous deep sea fishing and lobstering in the Florida Keys, her love for travel never stops. Since having children of her own, she has fallen in love with the magic and wonder that Walt Disney World Resort vacations bring her family. She is always planning trips for herself, family, and friends and now is excited to help YOU plan your next Disney or Universal Vacation.

Attention to detail is her specialty, and she loves finding magical moments everywhere in her trips.

Dannielle is a blessed wife and mother to four amazing children.

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